Natasha Richards

Natasha began her company, Natsel Management, in 2008. As the executive director, she provides services in the area of church strategic planning, worship consulting, and event planning. She also produces the Zamar Worship Conference an interactive training conference to holistically improve the dynamics of worship. She collaborated with Florida Conference in 2015 to present the Leadership Summit and Zamar Conference. Natasha continues to give Zamar Intensives around the country. In September 2016, she went on to complete her studies in Chaplaincy from the Florida Theological Ministries Academies and has received the designation of Chaplain.

Her dream and passion are to work with clients who are devoted to Christ and who will use their talents and resources to envision growth and greatness in ministry. Natasha loves working behind the scenes.  For over a decade, she has worked for Christian Ministries by booking for events, spiritual development, career development, worship consulting, etc. “It takes many aspects to get the Pastor to the pulpit, but God must be in all plans for that moment of ministry.”


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