Bryant Stewart

“Preaching that brings out just what you need..”

Pastor Bryant Stewart, the proud son of Connie and John Stewart, is a native of Louisville, KY. He received his BA in Religion & Theology, with a Minor in Biblical Languages from Oakwood University in May of 2012. Pastor Stewart received his call to the ministry as a young man. He is passionate about his desire to serve others and seeks to build spiritual relationships that draw men and women to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Stewart is faithful in his service to God. He is a gifted and anointed preacher who is unique in the way he expounds biblical truth. He brings illumination to the pertinent aspects of God’s word and presents it in a way that is fresh, exciting, new, and understandable. He has the ability to take scripture and bring out just what you need when you need it.

He has served in ministry in many different capacities: At Oakwood University he served as the Head of Public Relations for Religion and Theology department. There as a student, he also served as a chaplain’s assistant, member of the drama group M’Koinania (MK), He served as the Secretary of two organizations called, “Making Excellence Necessary, Inc. (M.E.N.)” and “Lift Him Up Ministries.”

Pastor Stewart served as the pastor of the North Star SDA Church and the Covington SDA Church. He is also a talented leader and administrator and sought-after preacher and evangelist throughout North America and in Mauritius, Africa. Currently serving as Pastor at College Hill SDA Church in Knoxville, TN.

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